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  • Debbie Dowie

    Fantastic Healthy Spices

    I would highly recommend using Mina’s spices. All her spices are freshly ground, not only do they taste fantastic but thy are a great way to turbo-boost the natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory power in your diet. I also use Mina’s Cold-pressed Rapeseed oil, not only for the flavour but again for its outstanding health benefits.

  • Mandy

    Amazing food, Fantastic hostess! I would recommend having a dinner party organised by Mina to everyone.. What a wonderful night we had thanks to Mina and her team.

  • Waseem Shiraz

    All the products Mina Khan creates are of astounding quality and flavour and what I personally love about them is that she is ridiculously innovative with flavours and indredients, stiving to create new products that the health conscious consumer will desire after without having to sacrifice flavour and taste.

  • Ayesha Khan

    As a university student I am always looking for ways to cook healthy and tasty meals in the least amount of time possible. Just One Spice has helped me create some incredible dishes with ease and has ensured that I will never be using jars of ready made curry sauce again ! I also like the health benefits of using cold pressed rapeseed oil in cooking. The cumin infused oil compliments the curries perfectly and can also be used in lots of other dishes.